Create curiosity for your company.

Today, your target audience is getting more and more of their news, entertainment and information from their mobile device. It's the first thing they look at when they wake up in the morning, and the last thing they view before they go to bed at night. They read local news headlines to stay informed, check the weather to decide what to wear, subscribe to traffic alerts to help them get to work faster, and stay on top of their home team's scores to make sure their bragging rights are still intact. Their mobile device is a space where they feel at home it's familiar and comfortable, and keeps them connected to the information that interests them most. It's the perfect place to create a personal connection with your brand.

When you advertise with LSN Mobile, you can leverage our strength as the largest nationwide local media network, reaching over 30 million mobile users and representing over one billion mobile ad impressions each month. And through our partnerships with leading broadcast affiliates, you can place your ads right where they need to be: on reputable, locally focused mobile news sites, apps, and text alert programs. With our focus on mobile advertising, we can help create messaging that's more relevant and effective, yet respectful of the consumer experience, than ever before. When people are viewing information they care about, they're more engaged and open to hearing your message. Pique their curiosity in your brand with local mobile advertising from LSN Mobile.