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Local Wireless®, a division of LSN, Inc., is the nation's leading provider of wireless mobile marketing for local media. Through our proprietary network platform, Local Wireless aggregates and delivers news and other content for over 138 local media partners, offering their stations' branded website content to more than 200 million mobile subscribers.

With our recently launched Hispanic network, Local Inalámbrico, Local Wireless affiliates are reaching the second largest consumer demographic of mobile content. According to Wireless Week, Hispanics "overindex" in content purchases because they often do not own laptops or computers but do have mobile phones. Local Wireless now offers the distinctive and compelling local content the Hispanic market is looking for.

Our media partners include ABC, Scripps, Cox Broadcasting, McGraw Hill, Post Newsweek and many others, along with all top tier carriers across the country, including Verizon, AT&T Cellular/Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, Alltel and T-Mobile. As the only non-subscription local news partner with all the major wireless carriers, Local Wireless can put your web content on-deck with nearly every mobile phone nationwide, meaning consumers can conveniently access content directly through the carriers mobile web site. And because we offer these carrier arrangements, our clients have a tremendous marketing advantage over their competition.

Pulled seamlessly and automatically from your content management system without any additional effort on your part, Local Wireless® provides the on-the-go consumer with your station's or newspaper's real time news, weather, sports, movie listings, finance, lottery results, and more. Our complete wireless platform includes mobile web, SMS/text messaging, and streaming video with Local Wireless TV.

Since our company's main and only focus is wireless, we're with you 24/7 to increase your viewership levels and your bottom line. Call us today to find out how Local Wireless can get you connected to this powerful medium.