About Us

"LSN Mobile has become a trusted partner for media companies and advertisers. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with a dedicated team of people here, who are committed to innovation, quality, and service, and look forward to leading the company through our next phase of growth."
Louis K. Gump: LSN President and Chief Executive Officer

In marketing and in the media, integrity is everything. It's why we've become the trusted partner for local medial and brand advertisers across the nation - and it's also why our network of mobile device users has such a high level of confidence in the content we deliver. Much has changed in the way today's consumers get their information, and as they've expanded from newspapers and TV to mobile news websites, apps and text alerts, one thing has remained the same: they still rely on local media to stay connected to their communities. By delivering messages to mobile users in a place where they feel comfortable and interested, we open up new opportunities for our local mobile media and advertising partners.

LSN Mobile is the largest local mobile news network in the nation, and is available to the vast majority of people who are on the go. Through our partnerships with leading broadcast affiliates with major networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Univision, we empower media companies and advertisers to deliver messaging to local audiences on their mobile phones and devices, through mobile websites, mobile display advertising, text alert sponsorship, mobile marketing campaigns and more. As the marketplace evolves, we'll continue to help our customers develop successful mobile strategies, through a commitment to innovation, inspiration, and integrity.